justchocolate (justchocolate) wrote,

les actuallites (sp?)

1. Su, I think I understood from your posting that SCHOOL IS CANCELLED IN LA BECAUSE OF RAIN. THAT IS SO FUCKING AWESOME. when i was in town, we lost power for 2 days, which was interesting (college apps!) but amazing (candles and oil lamps ahoy!). but that is no where near as cool as SCHOOL BEING CANCELLED BECAUSE OF RAIN. send me details, people, tell me what's going down...flooding, ice cream runs (ice cream tastes best in the rain, do me proud), etc.

2. anyone know anyone who lives in Europe with whom I could possibly get a job with next year? am probably taking next year off (if get into college, need year to get money; if do not get into college, need year to reapply), and am trying to figure out what i'm going to do. i have a cousin with a school in rome whom (who?) i'm going to ask if I can teach at her school next year, but in case that doesn't work out... suggestions? connections? networking?
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