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Because Rachel West is amazing and I love her to pieces...   
08:23pm 04/09/2005
  This is VERY important. Which one would you rather be stranded on a desert island with? (you get to bring...whatever you deem essential.)



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11:14pm 25/07/2005
  also: i am not allowed to invite anyone to the wedding. they are each inviting 10 of their closest friends and that's it. if dainda/greg knows you, don't feel bad--they both love all my friends that they've met, we just can't afford to invite everyone we wish we could.  

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12:08am 25/07/2005
  ALEXANDRA AND GREG ARE OFFICIAL: as of this weekend, they are affianced!

wedding planning is SO much fun.

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c'est une des occasions la plus importante de l'ete, de l'annee, de la vie!   
12:18am 16/07/2005
  to anyone who didn't stay up to welcome the descent of the 6th harry potter to the consumers' trembling hands, fie.

i walked it home, and only read the dedication and the first four words (my big sister got first dibs on this one). oh, my baby, my love, my raison d'etre. am i being melodramatic? am i being perfectly reasonable? that's for you to decide... me, i'm going to be curled up in an armchair tomorrow, cup of tea on an armrest, not caring. oh, i can't wait until ups shows up at my house!

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09:44am 01/06/2005
mood: quietly contented

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04:08pm 30/05/2005
  21 hours until my plane in Charles de Gaulle takes off.
then innumerable hours until i actually touchdown in good ol' LAX. i haven't even ever heard of the airline i'm taking. America West, anyone?

officially, i land at 1:14 AM Tuesday night, Wednesday morning.


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03:13pm 26/05/2005
  5 days. And thus the final countdown begins.

Kono, I'm trying to do research for your present, but it isn't going well. Or at all. But I will deliver, and that's a promise. I'm might need to buy a few and have you do the research yourself. You think you're up to it? :-)

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My mom found this online, among the ultimate most stupid things ever done.   
09:04am 11/05/2005
mood: heehee
But I think it's brilliant.

A Florida man ate beans and cabbage, then fell asleep in a poorly
ventilated room. While snoozing he emitted a large amount of methane,
which he then inhaled. The concentrated cloud of toxic gas killed him.
Paramedics who removed the body also had to be treated at the local

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Dartmouth= my one true love   
10:30pm 25/04/2005
  AMazing. INCredible. FANtastic.

whoopee! sooooo excited about next year, love it so much, hoorayhoorayhooray!

jess, you would have loved the welcoming ceremony soooo much. we're going to next year's, okay?

fucking super.


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02:59pm 17/04/2005
  i have checked my cell #, and it is officially 323 854 2807.  

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04:13pm 15/04/2005
  I'm going to be on the East Coast between the 16 and the 23 (until 6:00 PM EST) of April (is anyone else going to be in Boston/Providence and Dartmouth?), which means that suddenly phoning is much cheaper/easier. I don't remember my cell number...i hope you guys do. it might be (323) 854 2807, or it might be 2087. i think it's 2807. ack! not sure.

in any case, i would love to talk. if you don't have my cell # and you would like to talk to me, too, send me your cell # via comment here or via email victoriatoumanoff@gmail.com, or victoriatoumanoff@yahoo.com if your email service doesn't accept gmail.


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12:22pm 01/04/2005
  Harvard: waitlisted
Williams: waitlisted
Yale: reJECTED
Dartmouth: accepted!!!
U of Chicago: accepted!!!
Princeton: ????

I'm going to college!

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09:12am 16/03/2005


everyone, Monica got accepted into MIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post your congrats for her!!!!!!!!

Monica, I love you so much, and am so happy/proud/esctatic for you. This deserves a Demel hot chocolate. fly out RIGHT NOW so that we can celebrate.

now it doesn't matter that that stanford shit happened.

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02:33pm 15/03/2005
  my history teacher (re: a communist student he used to have): il etait pire que le Christ. Il voulait partager *tous*!

traduction: He was worst than Christ! he wanted to share *everything*!

oh, m. nicolas...


17 days until i find out if i'm going to college...

although i'm going to go work for my cousin in ROME next year...but i'd like to know if these grades count or not.

had dartmouth interview on saturday (a bit late, no?). the interviewer was a tiny chinese woman. i swear she wasn't more than 4 feet tall.

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07:52am 01/03/2005
  Greg is alive and home and safe!!!!!!!!!!  

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beautiful february vacation...   
05:56pm 11/02/2005
  god bless la France.

embarkment on 2 week vacation begins TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!! first week in pah-ree, second in praha. woohoo! will have intermittent-if-any internet access, much love to you all!

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we did found poems in english... i like mine   
05:10pm 04/02/2005
whispered vintage stupidity.
Our name says it all-- religious and

Whimsical platypus, the--
(my ass).


I'm going to pierce my nipple,
whispered the banana.
The vigorous shrubby perennial oohed,
"Get it done yesterday."

Kiss, bandit, kiss Oswaldo.
Finetune the kiss,
Color it with muffins, turquoise.
Oswaldo needs full to partial sun.
No turquoise.

"Welcome to our ______"
whispered the circus.

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04:57pm 02/02/2005
  jess, be proud! i cooked lunch for my french family: lemon chicken, salad, and lemon curd. i didn't blow up the stove or anything.

btw, i think that your email host blocks my new email at gmail. i sent you an email last week and i got one of those automated emails which says that the email could not go through, etc.

how's 2nd semester senioring going, my blonde amazon?

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les actuallites (sp?)   
12:20pm 10/01/2005
  1. Su, I think I understood from your posting that SCHOOL IS CANCELLED IN LA BECAUSE OF RAIN. THAT IS SO FUCKING AWESOME. when i was in town, we lost power for 2 days, which was interesting (college apps!) but amazing (candles and oil lamps ahoy!). but that is no where near as cool as SCHOOL BEING CANCELLED BECAUSE OF RAIN. send me details, people, tell me what's going down...flooding, ice cream runs (ice cream tastes best in the rain, do me proud), etc.

2. anyone know anyone who lives in Europe with whom I could possibly get a job with next year? am probably taking next year off (if get into college, need year to get money; if do not get into college, need year to reapply), and am trying to figure out what i'm going to do. i have a cousin with a school in rome whom (who?) i'm going to ask if I can teach at her school next year, but in case that doesn't work out... suggestions? connections? networking?

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never traveling for 24 hours straight ever again...   
10:00am 03/01/2005
  huge apology for everyone i saw, if i was acting weird... i was trying to maintain a distance so that when i came back, it wouldnt' be hard.

i love you all incredibly.

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