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welcome home! :D
thank you! it's so nice to be back. how was the first year of college, you college sophomore you?
welcome back to la =)
thank you! i'm visiting mere at school on the 16, so i'll see you then, and we should definitely hangout this summer.

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feel free to stop by today, although i got zero unpacking done yesterday (unless strewing all my belongings of the past nine months over the living room floor counts) so i'll be doing that today. hooray! and i think i'll stop by school tomorrow (friday). eeeee! hooray for seeing monica!
horaay!! home sweet sweet home

there is an honors/ihp shindig this sunday from 3-8 pm at Studio City park, you should go!! it'll be fun fun
already rsvped :-)
Wee, it was great finally seeing you again yesterday!